The below table provides a broad overview of the test review process.


The below provides an overview of the test review process for successful or unsuccessful submissions.


Key Principles for review criteria

  • Clear, transparent and openly available
  • Objective and easy to use for ratings
  • Specify minimum standard for certification
  • Provide clear guidelines to encourage developers to strive for excellence
  • Allow for contextualisation to be done relevant to application of test (i.e., not only insist on South African population norm as a standard).
  • Only categories deemed critical to determine the psychometric quality of the instrument are rated

Pre-Assessment checklist

  • Covers materials to be included in submission
  • Basic content to be included in the manual:
    • Rationale
    • Description of development of the test
    • Description of test, scales, items, rating scales
    • Administration, scoring, and interpretation procedures
    • Sufficient evidence to be able to review psychometric properties

Review of the measure

  • Reliability information
    • Covers most types of reliability coefficients
  • Validity information
    • Content validity (for SJTs, ACs, Interviews, etc)
    • Construct validity
    • Criterion-related validity
    • Bias/equivalence
  • Norms
    • Normative
    • Domain-based and Criterion-based